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Manifest health host evening of bharata natyam by jaan r. freeman

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Date 2011-07-30
Time 6:00pm-7:30pm
Venue Manifest Health
City Philadelphia
Event Details

Event Details

Manifest Health a center for yoga, wellness and alternative medicine will host a Bharata Natyam ( South Indian Classical Dance) program by dancer Jaan R. Freeman.Mr. Freeman performs in the family style and lineage of the late great dancer T. Balasaraswati. Freeman a disciple of Nandini Ramani & Priyamvada Sankar both senior disciples of T. Balasaraswati.

This program will feature items of the repertoire both in pure rhythmic dancing and expressive storytelling called abhinaya.Mr. Freeman bring a fresh approach to this and is one of two male dancers performing in this lineage.

Venue: Manifest Health 220 North Centre Street, Suite 1 Merchantville,NJ 08109


Artist site:


Phone 856-910-1600
Organized By Manifest Health & Dakshina Palli, Inc

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